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Greathouse-WordpressHave you ever installed WordPress?

Ever used a WordPress provider? Have you used one of the many free WordPress providers? My answer, to all three of these questions, was “yes”. I’ve tried them all, and none of them were “Just Right”. When I used a free site, from, I realized that customization of my site was not up to par. Yes, I’m a developer, and of course I want fancy customization for my business.

If your business doesn’t need that, and will never need that, stop right now and go to Buy a theme, install the plugins that they allow, and you’re off to the races. Even if your business doesn’t need customization, right now, most will quickly hit that wall early. It comes in the unforeseen comments from users. Like: “I wish I could just do that on your website”. You’re dying in silence, inside. You can’t bring yourself to reply: “I can’t do that because our website is a free WordPress site”

I’ve tried the paid WordPress hosting.

From every tier, starting at the bare-bones, minimum cost, to the premium managed hosting, I’ve tried them all. Many of them are superb options, if you can live within the limitations. The problem here is the cost. It’s a ratio of having no limitations at extremely high cost, to having severe limitations at a very minimal cost. For me, and some of my larger clients, we don’t just need one, simple, online-blog. We need that blog to be its own application, with its own development pipeline. Creatives and developers need to develop locally, on our laptops. We need to push to a “staging” environment for the business stakeholders to review changes. Finally, we need deploy to the production site, when changes are approved.

You can do this with managed WordPress, but it will cost you — it will cost you a lot. When you start out, you won’t need all that, and the cost may seem reasonable. As your business grows, so does your development pipeline. Soon you will find yourself locked into a service that is critical to your business, but exorbitant.

I’ve installed and managed WordPress on my own.

I’m a developer, and obviously I have the technical skills to accomplish this, where others do not. This option gives you the most freedom, however it can be the most costly. Depending on if you need to hire a developer, or multiple technical staff, it can be extremely costly.  The difficulty of this option comes in the amount of work involved. Not just the work but the trial and error in figuring everything out, on your own. Depending on the options available, you may not be saving yourself any money. You might end up, haphazardly, costing yourself more money than you need to. The trade-off here, is that you’re saving yourself money at the expense of your own time and energy. Your time may be extremely costly to you, all things considered. This is not always a good trade-off.

Greathouse-Wordpress is a system that I use to give me the best bang for my buck.

Over the years, I’ve been installing and managing WordPress for my clients. I’ve developed my own system to make this as simple and painless as possible. It’s not a system to escape all work. It doesn’t do everything for you; but it’s completely free to use and when used in the right way. It costs you pennies on the dollar, compared to other systems.

I’ve developed a package, for installing and managing my own WordPress sites. My system incorporates all the best practices. It reduces technical and security risks and can be deployed on the most common cloud platforms or traditional hosting platforms. Most importantly, it systematizes all of the lessons I’ve learned, over the years, so you don’t have to. I’ve consolidated 90% of the work into scripts that automate the setup. I’ve also developed tutorials to walk you through every step of the process.

Greathouse-Wordpress is available here, for free!

Greathouse WordPress LogoBy following the instructions in the README, and our tutorials, you can be running your own WordPress site for pennies. I was able to get started on Amazon’s AWS platform using only the free tier products. I only needed to purchase a domain name for my site. This is a completely customizable, completely scaleable solution. It incorporates the minimal downsides of other systems, for the maximum amount of control of your core wordpress site. It’s easily scalable and easy to convert to an entire development pipeline. You can install it on your local laptop for development. You can set up staging server and migrate code all the way into production. It all runs on the latest and greatest technology, including PHP7.

Accomplishing this isn’t possible with free WordPress hosting, but you can do it with my system. You can grow at your own pace, and at a fraction of the cost of managed solutions. When you get started, all you need is my free code, and access to a host, with a terminal. From there, you are essentially limitless in what you can accomplish with your own WordPress solution.

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